Meeting the needs of our customers is at the core of SST Group mission. After 30 years at the forefront of heat tracing components and systems manufacturing we continue to work on the best-in-class electric heating cable solutions to facilitate safety and security of industrial companies' production and technological processes.

SST Group is one of the top-3 global providers of industrial heat tracing as well as residential and commercial electric heating cable solutions worldwide.
We design and provide all types of electric cable heating, de-icing and heat tracing systems of any complexity and for all climatic conditions. Thanks to our innovative and integrated approach as well as project implementation control at all phases, our customers can always expect high quality and efficiency of the installed systems.

At SST Group we relentlessly uphold the principle of delivering our clients 100% quality products and providing a single point of responsibility. All components of our electric heating systems are manufactured in-house and undergo strict multi-stage quality control. We not only manufacture, but design, deliver, install and service our heat tracing systems.

Safety and reliability of our electric heating cable systems and components, including those operated in hazardous environments, is evidenced by ATEX, VDE, and IECEx international certificates.

Our Values
Over the course of 30 years, we have been creating solutions to make the world a better place while strictly upholding our core values:

We foster innovative ideas and transform them into reality: from newest raw materials, production and business-processes to unique heating systems and their components. Every year we design and deliver new products and solutions to our customers, created and tested in our own R&D-center.

To provide best-in-class heat tracing systems and services, we thoroughly control the quality of our products at every stage of production. Compliance of our quality management system with international standards and requirements guarantees our customers safe and reliable heat tracing systems.

Professional, social and environmental responsibility towards our clients, partners, employees and the environment is at the forefront of everything we do.
Our Clients